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Welcome to the Portledge Green Team website! Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:50am in Mr. Cappuccio's room (unless otherwise noted). Check here for news, events, and what we cover in our meetings. Our link is portledgegreenteam.tumblr.com. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle!!
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Green Tips

There are thousands of things you can do to go green

Check this website for things to do at school, home, and more http://www.mindyourfootprint.com/green-tips-mind

iPhone Apps: 

  • Green Charging - vibrates your phone when it’s fully charged so you can then pull it out of the charger and stop using energy ***** (especially get this one!!!)
  • Green Genie - shows 100 different ways to go green, also has games for more fun
  • MeterRead -helps you read your electricity meter and monitors your energy consumption
  • Light Bulb Finder - helps people switch to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Green Outlet - predicts your monthly electric bill based on your use of appliances
  • Find Green - shows local green businesses and how to get there
  • Green Me - makes lists of what green things you’ve done for the day, your calendar gets greener as your list expands
  • Get me Green - provides tips for recycling and reusing items at home
Don’t let this happen! Use reusable water bottles!

Don’t let this happen! Use reusable water bottles!

Message in a Bottle

"Americans spent more money last year on bottled water than iPods or movie tickets: $15 billion" !!!

At the bottom of this post is a link (click where it says Source) to an article expressing the presence of water bottles in our lives and the necessary change for a more environment sustainable future.  Below is also a student response and opinion to this article.  A must read!! Next time you go to grab a Poland Spring bottle, you’ll pick up your reusable one instead! (Or even better, grab your Portledge reusable water bottle - buy one from the school store!!! 

(http://www.portledge.org/RelId/617180/ISvars/default/School_Store.htm )

  Over the last few decades people have become much more health conscious. People are exercising more, going for screening medical tests, and they are now buying bottled water because they think it is healthier than the tap water. In 1976 we consumed 1.6 gallons of bottled water per person and last year we drank 28.3 gallons each.  We must start an advertising campaign to educated people about the virtues of tap water and that it is regulated and monitored constantly. This education should start in the schools and extend to television. There is a commercial on television about how good milk is for you: so now we can have a commercial saying how good tap water is for you and how strongly it is monitored.  The effects on our environment by the production and transportation of these bottles of water must also be made public. Most people are not aware of the fact that one billion bottles a week get shipped by trucks and planes.  This results in the emissions of more fossil fuels and more harm to our environment not to mention the fact that 77 % of plastic bottles are thrown away and not recycled, as they should be. Government policies need to be implemented regulating the production and recycling of bottled water. The public must become aware of the dangers they are creating by not recycling bottled water and the harm they are causing to the environment by continuing to invest in the production of bottled water.

Bottled water is very convenient. We need to make grabbing a reusable bottle of water just as convenient as it is to take bottled water. First reusable bottles of water must be more available in more locations. Right now you can find them mainly at sporting stores. I tried to find one at Wal-Mart recently and they were tucked into a small corner in the hunting section. We need to make them available in many different stores including supermarkets, drug stores and department stores. Besides making them available they need to be placed in obvious places where people will see and buy them. Putting them at the checkout counter would help as well because people are often waiting on line and will see them. Pricing is important and reusable bottles must be priced so that the average person will buy them without hesitation. There should be sales on reusable bottles and not on the bottled water. By spreading out the sales of reusable bottles of water and pricing the bottles at a fair price, people will become more inclined to purchase them.

The third step to reduce people’s consumption of bottled water is to regulate the advertising of bottled water. If you look at a bottle of Poland Spring it says, “100% Natural Spring Water”, “Pure Quality”, “Born Better”, “Only from carefully selected natural springs”. We must explain to the public what that means and clarify if it is false advertizing. How can it be pure quality or born better since it is just water that we can get from the tap. We are influenced by these words and these claims will make us buy the bottled water. The large companies that produce these bottled waters, such as Nestle, need to have their packaging regulated to prevent false claims.  To help stop people from buying so much bottled water we need to consider increasing the price of bottled water. This year we will spend 16 billion dollars on bottled water. This seems like a lot but people are willing to spend the money for the ease of use. Every supermarket and chain pharmacy has sales of bottled water to encourage us to buy it. We see it being sold at a reduced price and we will buy it because we think we are saving money and it is something we need when in reality we can get the same thing from our tap. If we can increase the price of bottled water and decrease the amount of “specials” on bottled water people may not buy as much, especially in today’s economy.

Bottle water has become an unnecessary convenience that most people cannot go through their day without. Everyone wants to be healthy and live a long life. It’s the plastic bottle that draws the attention of many Americans as a symbol of health and convince. Bottled water to many has been the answer. This idea has to change and the only way I think it can is by educating people that the process of getting the bottle water to you is an environmental damaging one and that the tap water in this country is just as healthy to drink. We need to make everyone aware of the benefits of tap water and we need to make reusable water bottles available to all people.

Source: Fast Company

Green Tip

Green Tip of the week!! Here’s a random tip for some fun ways to recycle twist ties!

(Click link below)

Source: ehow.com

Nature Walks & Beach Clean Ups

The Green Team looks to plan beach clean up events for the Portledge Community and others interested in the event.  Two years ago, several members of the Green Team participated in a beach clean up for the Oyster Bay area through Friends of the Bay (http://www.oysterbayestuarywaterquality.org/get_involved.htm).  This year we want to organize our own beach clean ups at local beaches (Bayville, Tappen, or Jones Beach).  We look to have probably only one or two this fall, but many in the spring time.  

Last year the Green Team also went on a nature walk in a natural park.  This year we look to go on ones maybe at Caumsett State Park or the Shu Swamp in Mill Neck.  While walking simply to enjoy nature, we also will be bringing garbage bags.

Keep posted for finalized beach clean up dates open to anyone interested.

Friends of the Bay
Water Forum - Defending Long Island’s Water Supply - November 5, 2011 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Cold Spring Harbor Library

Friends of the Bay

Water Forum - Defending Long Island’s Water Supply - November 5, 2011 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Cold Spring Harbor Library

Meeting on 10/13/2011

1) Want to schedule a beach clean up, want to do it through Friends of the Bay, if not then schedule our own events at local beaches

2) Recycling program at school: have plastic bottle recycling containers at school, and give one per grade.  The grade with the most recycled plastic bottles at the end of a certain amount of months will receive some type of “green” related reward.  Plan to schedule this sometime after the Thanksgiving food drive

3) Schedule “Lights Out” days once a month, if not then once every two months

4) Will have a Green Team Column in the school paper.  Jessie Sarkis, who is on the school paper club, said we can write something every once and a while for this column.

5) Instead of Bake Sales, the Green Team wants to have “Snack Sales”.  We’ll sell organic/environmental friendly food at these sales.  The food won’t necessarily be baked goods, since it’s difficult to bake organic food.  We’ll create small packages of different types of organic foods - similar to the food offered at past Earth Days at the Food Booth

6) Started discussing selling ChicoBags - check website to learn more: http://www.chicobag.com/p-16-chicobag-original.aspx

Green Team 2011-2012

Welcome to Green Team 2011-2012! This year we plan to keep this website more active.  We’ll be posting news, events, opportunities, and updates from our meetings.  Please feel free to request to submit something you find related to Green Team, or ask us a question.

These are the bracelets we are hoping to sell at school, they are made from 100% recycled leather.

These are the bracelets we are hoping to sell at school, they are made from 100% recycled leather.

Meeting on 10/28/10

Here are the topics discussed on the Green Team meeting on 10/28/10

Projects/ideas for before Earth Day:

-Have a “Lights out” day where the upper school must turn off all of the lights as a way to save energy.
-Recycling batteries.  There is a bin to recycle batteries in the airlock but it hasn’t been properly disposed and has just been sitting there.  Periodic disposals of the batteries is being planned.
-Buying environmentally friendly markers for the white boards in the upper school to replace the Expo markers which contain a lot of toxic.
-Special composting of leaves can help give nutrition to the soils.  Composing the leaves in the school can give the soil better nutrition to grow more plants and is just another way to reuse the leaves.
-Plan beach cleanup’s or walks to clean up garbage.  They would most likely happen on weekends and be planned through the students.  Participants could get community service hours for attending.  
-Plan nature walks for students interested.
-Reuse the boxes for the candies from Café Crest for possibly making folders, cases, or small bags.  
-Selling reusable water bottles to promote them over using plastic bottles and to help raise money towards Earth Day.
-The Green Team will be selling bracelets that say “STOP GLOBAL WARMING” and are made from 100% recycled leather, and the profits are 100% donated towards the Stop Global Warming Fund.
-Change the schools cleaning supplies to supplies which are composed of environmental friendly ingredients, such as the Green Works cleaning products.
-A new Green Team board is trying to be arranged to be the board in the airlock where the study hall list used to be.